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Brian Jackson

March 2014

Hi Thelma and Randy,

The recent warming weather reminded to write this letter to you. Although I love winter, about this time when the days get a bit longer, the thoughts of blue lakes and rocky shores start to come to mind, and this year, getting my Fletcher's Fancy back in the water. Since I picked up my canoe from you last spring and started paddling it, I have received lots of comments and questions about it. They were often about the beauty and flawless craftsmanship (craftswomanship?) that your canoes are well known for or wondering how it paddled and handled. But sometimes I was asked another question - "Is it practical?"

That's a bit more difficult question to answer - what makes a boat practical? I've owned and used lots of canoes ranging from lightweight, fast Kevlar to rugged, indestructible plastic. Although the Fletcher could do anything I asked of it, if I was mostly concerned about traveling fast over lakes with long portages between them, the long, lean Kevlar might be considered more efficient. Dragging a canoe over beaver dams and through shallow rocky narrows might mean the more durable Royalex would be a better choice. But most times I go out, whether I'm saying I'm going fishing, camping or for an evening paddle, what I'm really trying to do is to connect with nature. And no other canoe I've paddled allows me to do that better than the Fletcher. Part is the feel of it in the water - no other canoe flows through the water and feels as connected with its environment. Part of it is aesthetic - the soft glow of the wood and canvas reflecting the setting sun blends in perfectly with the rocks and pines of the shore. Part of it is the material - the canoe is literally made from the surrounding woods. When it comes to connecting with the natural world around me, no canoe is more practical than my Fletcher.

In the past, I've considered the canoe as a favourite means of accessing our lakes and rivers. This year with the Fletcher, I have a canoe that is more than just a vehicle but is part of that vision of blue waters, rocky shores and towering pines.

Thanks again for building such a wonderful craft.

Brian Jackson