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Jess Bjorkman

December 8, 2011

At last my dream to own a wooden canoe was realized this year. Thelma made her first set of wooden slat seats from birds-eye maple, which turned out beautiful. Even though I love how photogenic red looks, I decided to go with the subtle green which blends in with nature. I have already enjoyed several peaceful paddles on my home-lake. I love to go out in the early morning sunrise and glide through the mist. Sometimes, I go out while the sun is getting low (before the mosquitos descend!). I'm not in any big hurry, I just paddle slowly or even stop in the serene setting to contemplate life and talk to Jesus about whatever I feel like. The silence of the canoe as it glides through water, the warmth and beauty of the wood inside, and God's beautiful creation all come together to create priceless experiences."

I have a photo album for the canoe on my website as well.


Take care and God bless you,