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Testimonial from Peter Mueller

10 August 2006

Dear Randy and Thelma:

Wow-what a great week! Got to pick up my Bill Mason heavy duty Special and use it in Quetico. Aside from being a wonderful work of art, this canoe really handled anything we encountered, from strong head-winds with white caps to hard to see submerged rocks.

(We carried gear for four, two paddlers, and a passenger sitting midship with enough freeboard to feel totally secure.)

Portages with the Bill Mason Special were frankly pretty easy. The canoe balances well on the shoulder and its 85 or so pounds did not feel uncomfortable on even the 1/2 mile portages. It was more comfortable to carry than our over-loaded Frost River packs!

Paddling was a joy-this is a very responsive canoe especially when fully loaded. For fishing without loads it occasionally made sense to reverse the stern for the bow. Seemed to better balance the canoe in the head winds. Steering was never a problem.

In short, I couldn't be more pleased with my choice of a Fletcher canoe. Thank you for building this very special canoe for me.

Best Regards,
Peter Mueller
Lake Forest, Illinois


For anyone reading this letter:

Randy and Thelma are just nice people and I'm glad to know them. Making Fletcher Canoes seems to me to be more a labor of love than a money-making operation. You won't find a better canoe at any price-and frankly I think Fletcher canoes are underpriced. If you ive in the Chicago area and wish to see my canoe please feel free to ask Thelma for my phone number and I'll make arrangements for you to see it. If you like I'll even let you take it out for a paddle in my pond!